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Tatkal Ticket Booking Tricks

Computer Speed: Most people have good internet speed, autofill extension but still not able to get confirm ticket in 20 sec why??
Many don’t know is that apart from you internet speed your computer speed does matter while booking Tatkal ticket. Use browser carefully, Firefox is good browser but it use more of your computer resources, so If you have running Firefox in low RAM machine then it will cause problem for you. Google Chrome is best browser, it use low of your machine resources and work faster than any other modern browser in Window machine If you have Anti-Virus software installed, make sure you disable it in Tatkal hours, because Antivirus software will scan all your inward and outward traffic, time taken is in micro second but it will make different when you are booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket. Always restart your computer machine before you book tatkal ticket, always clean you temp memory these step help in increase your computer speed. Close all application which is running on your computer. Payment Getaway: Choose best payment getaway which take less time to process your transaction. I have observed that most of the public are using SBI debit card or net baking this make SBI payment getaway very slow and sometime not responsive and you get an error message “connection Time out or server not responding”. Try to avoid SBI payment gateway in festival session. Use net banking or debit card of private bank like (HDFC, ICICI) or use Credit card which is very fast in festival session when compare to SBI gateway Avoid payment gateway which have too many page redirection. Network Latency: This term is not common to general public, I will explain you it in detail: IRCTC web server are located in New Delhi and anyone who is booking Tatkal ticket from Chennai will take more time when compare to person who is booking ticket for New Delhi. I will not recommend you to use proxy server here because they can steal your payment detail, so make some friend form New Delhi who can book your tatkal ticket :). Time difference is in micro second so you can ignore it.

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